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These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts

I assume all bloggers looks back on their old posts from time to time. If they’re all like me, they’ll look at some of the posts and say “Wow! That was great! I was awesome!” and look at some of the others and say “That’s horrid. I actually posted that?”

As we close out the year, I’d like to share what I think is my best work on this blog. If you’re going to start somewhere, please start with these!

  1. Tea and Caffeine: Without a doubt, this three-part series on tea and caffeine is the work I’m proudest of in the last year.
  2. Tea and Relaxation: How can a drink with caffeine in it relax you? Instead of going through the chemical analysis, I took a different tack in this post.
  3. Complicated Drinks, Education, and Consistency: It seems that coffee drinkers have “their” drink. Always the same, and often very complex. Fewer tea drinkers do that. I wonder why?
  4. A Nice Cup of Tea: I went through a 1946 essay about tea by George Orwell and shared my thoughts, point by point. It’s a lot easier to engage in a debate when your opponent is dead and gone!
  5. Sweetening Tea: I do have an opinion on the subject of sweetening tea, but the majority of this blog post is about dried stevia leaf.

I do welcome feedback and opinions. Are these your favorites of mine, or do you like something else better?


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