Purple tea update

In August, I wrote about the new purple tea from Kenya, and opined that it would probably be a while before I got hold of some. Luckily for me, my blog post caught the eyes of the right people, and there’s a kilo of purple tea on its way to me as we speak. As of next week, Red Lodge Books will be the first tea bar in the U.S. offering purple tea. At $16.00/ounce, it certainly isn’t cheap, but it will be the cornerstone of our new super-premium tea line.

Once it arrives and I have a chance to taste it, I’ll post more information and put up links for purchasing purple tea.

[UPDATE Nov 2011: We have received the Royal Purple Tea and I’ve added a blog post describing it.]

[UPDATE May 2012: Our new tea bar website is up and running, and Royal Purple Tea is available for purchase now.]

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